1.0.0 ready for production, still in early stage

What is this website?

We make Bad IP 3.

There are many bad guys on the Internet. Some advertise way too much. Some are spammers. Others try to attack your wordpress. Some others try to brute force your ssh. Even some companies try to track you and spy on you.

There are many ways you can protect yourself using various blacklists.

So you end up tired using one blacklist for spammers eg spamhaus, one blacklist for brute force using denyhost, one blacklist for ads using /etc/hosts and abp ...

The aim of this website is to provide only one blacklist for all those bad ip addresses, no matter the reason why it is bad.

Therefore you can use our blacklist in your favorite firewall to stop talking to all those bad guys.

How do I report a bad IP?

Just use this form.

How do I get removed from your blacklist?

For now, just send a mail indicating that you solved the problem at orgon at riseup dot net

Why an Ip is bad?

Once you do report an IP, it doesn't get blacklisted. You need several people to report the same IP, so it reaches a score above which it is blacklisted.

Why another blacklist system?

Because we believe blacklist systems should be collaborative.

Therefore it should not belong to any governement, which rely on law according to their country (and they are not the same around all the world).

Also, it should not belong to any company who might have some financial interest.

We all have a job which provide enough money for us to live, we are doing this to improve the internet, we are volunteers who work on their spare time.


For any question, write us nomoretear at riseup dot net

Download blacklist here :

download blacklist.txt