I can't speak english?

Howto en français : howto bi3 fr

I have Windows how do I use your blacklist?


Download and extract the windows client here :

download winbi3

Long story

The windows client is just a powershell script that insert a list of banned IP address into windows builtin firewall.

The original script is available here : windows-firewall-script-block-addresses-network-ranges

All we did is to change the line

$currentrules = netsh.exe advfirewall firewall show rule name=all | select-string '^[Rule Name|Regelname|Nom de la règle]+\s:\s+(.+$)' | foreach { $_.matches[0].groups[1].value }
so that it match french langage.

The script requires windows vista or 2008 server or later.

To check if the script has correctly imported the list of banned IP, you can type

netsh.exe advfirewall firewall show rule name=all
inside powershell.

Ok this can sound a bit scary, but soon there will just be a small executable to install on your computer

At the moment, there is no automatic update. So you to manually replace the content of BlockList.txt by the one available here : blacklist.txt

I have Linux how do I use your blacklist?

A script based on iptable can is available. Open a terminal as root and do the following commands.

mkdir /usr/local/bi3
cd /usr/local/bi3
wget http://static.nogafa.org/bi3-ipt.sh
chmod 0700 bi3-ipt.sh

Test if it fits your needs and enable it at boot. One way among many to do so is to add the following line to /etc/crontab :

@reboot			root	/usr/local/bi3/bi3-ipt.sh

Most up to date documentation is still in french :(

Enjoy! And don't forget to submit bad ip.


For any question, write us nomoretear at riseup dot net

Download blacklist here :

download blacklist.txt